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State-of-the-Art Truss Plant

Providing you with high quality, accurate truss systems directly from the source


McCabe Lumber’s new truss plant is a state-of-the-art facility devoted to the production of roof trusses and wood frame systems. Our staff is devoted to producing your truss designs as efficiently and accurately as possible, maintaining the highest level of quality at every step.
Our facility is also able to manufacture pre-engineered structural wall panels and wood framed floor trusses to your exact specifications. Just another way McCabe Lumber is The Professional’s Advantage. 

Check out our products:

Roof & Floor Trusses

Increase Job Site Productivity

Save yourself time and effort with our Roof and Floor Trusses

Instead of cutting and framing on the job site, McCabe Lumber’s Roof Trusses will increase the speed of erection time while reducing job site labor costs and material waste. Our facility can manufacture in lengths up to 80′ for greater span capabilities–much better than the conventional 2x rafter framing. All our Roof Trusses are an engineered product with Sealed Truss Profiles provided by a state licensed Professional Engineer.

McCabe Lumber’s Floor Trusses are specially engineered to save you time and money. Engineered to accommodate wider nailing surfaces, our Floor Trusses are perfect for floor decking.  Our Floor Trusses are also built with open chases for ductwork and have natural open spaces for plumbing and electrical wiring. Designed to your specifications, our Floor Trusses are manufactured with many different possible end conditions to accommodate different installation needs; around raised walls, picketed beams, headers around stairways, etc.

Advantages of Roof Trusses

  • Increase speed of erection time
  • Reduce job site labor costs
  • Reduce job site material waste

  • Produced accurately and efficiently to your design specifications
  • Capable of manufacturing in lengths up to 80′

Roof Trusses

Wall Panels

Prefabricated Perfection

Increased product quality, increased job site productivity

At McCabe Lumber, we fabricate our Wall Panels in house at our state-of-the-art Truss Plant. This gives us greater control over product quality and we can find and remedy any inconsistency or errors in initial designs before the product is delivered to the job site–saving you time and money.

By using prefabricated Wall Panels, you save the builder money by controlling and reducing the job site material waste associated with conventional stick framing. Prefabricated Wall Panels also increase the speed of job site erection, reducing the amount of time the product sits exposed to the weather and allowing for other trades to begin their work sooner on the project.

Advantages of Wall Panels

  • Engineering them on site means we can control consistency throughout the production process
  • We can apply building wrap and sheathing, saving time
  • More accurate and consistent patterns for nailing studs, plates and sheathing

  • Increased erection times and efficiency at job site
  • Reduced job site downtime and delays
  • Less material waste

    Wall Panels

    Engineered Floor Systems

    Products that Protect

    Unmatched protection for your home starts with quality lumber

    Floor systems can be trussed, conventionally framed, or built with engineered wood products such as I-Joists.  Our trusses and engineered wood products are engineered to have wider nailing surfaces for the floor decking. The trusses made at McCabe Lumber’s Truss Plant are built with open chases for ductwork, have natural open spaces for plumbing and electrical wiring, and can be manufactured with many different possible end conditions to accommodate different installation needs; around raised walls, picketed beams, headers around stairways, etc.

    At McCabe, we also manufacture Open Web Floor Trusses. These eliminate the need for down-framing to hide mechanicals, plumbing & electrical and, since its an engineered product, we have the ability to provide sealed drawings. Open Web Floor Trusses can span further and also be spaced further apart than conventional 2x framing, providing a value engineered design–saving you money.

    Advantages of Engineered Floor Systems

    • Able to accommodate difficult installation needs
    • Built with open chases and have natural open spaces for plumbing and electrical wiring
    • Can span and be placed further apart than conventional 2x framing

    • Eliminates the need for down-framing
    • Engineered to fit your unique specifications

      Engineered Floor Systems