Structural Framing

Rot-proof. Rustproof. Complication-free.

Owens Corning® Lumber is a rot-proof, rustproof composite alternative to traditional wood and steel. Our lumber is reinforced with Advantex® Fiberglas™, a proprietary corrosion resistant technology that adds strength and durability properties from the inside out. Designed to install like the lumber you use every day. Made to last.

A sustainable future is the whole world’s responsibility. At Owens Corning, it’s their mission. Designed with a sustainable impact in mind, Owens Corning® Lumber helps you build structures that will last, reducing the amount of deck framing boards that will end up in the landfill. It all adds up to a world of difference.

Advantages of OC Lumber

  • Designed for durability to resist mold, mildew, pests, and termites
  • Allows for contact with water (salt and fresh) and ground
  • Thermal-resistant design for low expansion and contraction
  • Heat-reflective technology

  • Easy to install with flat and uniform boards that cut just like wood
  • Standard profiles
  • Available in standard and specialized colors

    OC Structural Lumber

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