Assembled & Ready to Go

McCabe’s beautiful pre-hung doors are ready for installation

Installing doors in a home can be challenging, even for those with building experience. Instead of trying to tackle the difficult and tedious project of hanging a traditional door, opt for McCabe Lumber’s superior selection of pre-hung doors. We provide the best Masonite interior doors, pre-attached to the surrounding doorjamb with hinges–no adjustment necessary. Choose from our extensive line of pre-hung doors to find the perfect fit for your project. Eliminating the time-consuming nightmare of properly fitting a door is just another reason why McCabe Lumber is the professional’s advantage.

Why Masonite Pre-Hung Doors?

Open to Extraordinary

Your leading source for the latest trend insights and design ideas for pre-hung doors

Masonite is your leading source for the latest trend insights and design ideas, providing distinctive door styles that complement any home and personal taste. Our line of Masonite doors focuses not just on one type of door — but EVERY door. For every opening, there is a Masonite solution, and our robust product options give you access to the inspirational designs, finishes, and details that let your style take shape.

  • Energy efficient–meeting Energy Star’s requirements
  • Durable and weather resistant doors that aren’t heavy or bulky
  • Impact Rated glass
  • Doors with noise reduction
  • Made from renewable materials

    • Special seal between the door and the frame keeps out the damaging effects of wind and rain
    • Fully self-contained unit comes ready to install
    • Easy installation process
    • Ideal for situations with no existing door frame, damaged door frame, or on new construction

    Masonite Pre-Hung Door Gallery