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Impossible to Ignore

Beautiful, high-performance decking that stands out from the rest

We have carefully hand-picked our decking options to give you the most beautiful, highest performing decking out there. Designed to inspire and engineered to last, the decking materials at McCabe Lumber are top of the line in quality and beauty. All of our decks are engineered to provide lasting protection without sacrificing aesthetics, making them weatherproof and easy to maintain. Complete any backyard retreat with a hassle-free deck whose lasting beauty is impossible to ignore.

Check out our decking options:

Treated Decking

Affordable Durability

Build your deck project with a material that will last for years to come

Specially treated to stand up to weather, rot, insects, and fungus, Pressure Treated Decking is a durable and affordable option made to last. This popular building material is easy to work with and sturdy, making it one of the top-selling decking materials.

Advantages of Treated Lumber

  • Specially treated to prevent rot, insects, fungus
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to cut and fasten

  • Stronger than many other wood options
  • Long-lasting
  • The beauty of real wood

Pressure Treated Lumber

Cedar Decking

Beautiful Decking, Naturally

Long-lasting beauty you can feel good about

Naturally resistant to rot and insects, cedar decks offer the unique ability to be both durable and eco-friendly. A long-lasting and natural alternative to the pressure treated lumbers, cedar does not readily absorb moisture–making it less prone to warping than other woods. Prized for its rich color and beautiful, natural grain pattern, cedar lumber will make your decking project stand out without breaking the bank.

Advantages of Cedar

  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Naturally rot and insect resistant

  • Does not readily absorb moisture
  • Less prone to warping than other woods
  • Rich color and beautiful grain pattern unmatched by treated woods

Cedar Decking

Mahogany Decking

Beauty and Strength

Enhance any decking project with mahogany lumber

The natural beauty of a mahogany deck, mixed with the durability of a genuine hardwood makes for an unforgettable decking project. Low-maintenance and robust, mahogany decking is naturally resistant to rot and bugs and can withstand all kinds of weathering. As a hardwood, it is not prone to warping and is split, splinter, and scratch resistant. Leave it in its natural state or, give it a quick seal to keep lasting original color and add another layer of protection against the elements.

Advantages of Mahogany Decking

  • Durable, hardwood–splinter, scratch, and split resistant
  • Beautiful, natural color and grain pattern
  • Strong–will not warp easily

  • Naturally bug and rot resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintenance
Mahogany Decking


Unrivaled Strength. Unparalleled Beauty.

Naturally beautiful decking with triple the strength

Ipe wood (pronounced E-pay), also known as Brazilian walnut, ironwood or Pau Lope, is an extremely durable and sturdy wood. With a Janka hardness of 3680, ipe wood is triple the strength of a typical plastic-composite decking while providing all of the aesthetic benefits of a natural, beautiful wood deck.

Ipe is world renowned for its superior characteristics and properties. Ipe wood decking grain is extremely dense and tight and can be both wavy and straight. The color of ipe heartwood is a rich brown with red and amber hues. Due to the wood’s fine texture and interlocking grain, ipe offers superior slip resistance. Ipe also does not require the use of preservatives or treatments and is naturally resistant to a variety of common decking issues, such as decay and rot, insect infestation, and more.

  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Triple the strength of typical plastic-composite decking
  • Beautiful aesthetic benefits of natural wood deck
  • Grain is extremely dense and tight

  • Fine texture and inter-locking grain results in superior slip resistance
  • Does not require usage of preservatives or treatments
  • Naturally resistant to decay, rot, insect infestation and more

Ipe Decking