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At McCabe Lumber you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful design for durability

McCabe Lumber is your best resource for siding and trim that is both the best looking and the best performing. With the siding and trim options offered at McCabe Lumber, you can feel confident the materials picked for your home design will not suffer from rot, cupping, splits, twisting or warping. All of our lines are moisture and insect resistant, don’t require paint for protection, and suitable for ground and masonry contact. At McCabe Lumber we believe your home should look beautiful from every angle, without sacrificing durability and performance. That’s why we’ve hand-picked attractive, low-maintenance options that will do all the work for you – and look good doing it.

Why Real Cedar?

Naturally Beautiful

Elevate the beauty of your home with Real Cedar

When you’re deciding on siding, there are many factors to consider – aesthetics, value, durability, versatility and environmental sustainability. Many plastic imitators may claim to rank high in all these categories but frequently fall short. Real Cedar, on the other hand, provides what plastic substitutes cannot. Try as they might, the look, the feel and the scent of natural wood just can’t be duplicated in a chemistry lab. Real Cedar siding is naturally durable, versatile, environmentally responsible and has an unmatched beauty. Elevate the level of warmth and charm of your home with Real Cedar siding.

  • Naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks
  • Incredibly low-maintenance due to natural defenses
  • Lasts for decades, only getting better with age
  • One of the most sustainable building materials available
  • Environmentally responsible, producing the least amount of greenhouse gas, air and water pollution, and solid waste

  • Harvested from sustainably managed forests
  • Free of pitch and resin–readily accepts stains, oils, and finishes
  • Variety of textures
  • Natural thermal insulator

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