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At McCabe Lumber you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful design for durability

McCabe Lumber is your best resource for siding and trim that is both the best looking and the best performing. With the siding and trim options offered at McCabe Lumber, you can feel confident the materials picked for your home design will not suffer from rot, cupping, splits, twisting or warping. All of our lines are moisture and insect resistant, don’t require paint for protection, and suitable for ground and masonry contact. At McCabe Lumber we believe your home should look beautiful from every angle, without sacrificing durability and performance. That’s why we’ve hand-picked attractive, low-maintenance options that will do all the work for you – and look good doing it.

Evolve Stone Siding

Evolve Stone

Nailed it.

Evolve Stone has nailed it on all fronts. Evolve Stone is the only mortarless, color-throughout stone veneer that installs up to 10X faster and is a fraction of the weight compared to the competition. It looks and feels like real stone and installs with the ease of a finish nailer.

No mortar. No hardware. Nothing like you’ve ever seen before. This is the future of mortarless stone veneer. This is Evolve Stone.

Features & Benefits

  • Most realistic stone veneer product on the market
  • Easy installation-up to 10X faster when compared to the competition
  • Moisture impermeable compared to competitors’ products, which can hold moisture against the structure
  • Extremely durable, reducing breakage during shipping and installation
  • No heavy duty staging or scaffolding required
  • No need for engineered tie-backs, grade beams, or stone ledges
  • Installs structurally under vinyl siding guidelines

Technical Specifications

  • UV resistant
  • Performs extremely well under wind loading
  • No effects when exposed to salt spray during testing
  • No effects when exposed to freeze/thaw cycles during testing
  • Moisture impermeable—will not hold moisture against structure
  • Patented material and process
  • Infused color throughout
  • ICC-ES listed, ESR3970 for Non-Rated and ESL1247 for Fire-Rated

Installation Advantages

  • Installs up to 10X faster than the competition
  • No lath, mortar, or hardware needed
  • No specialized labor training required
  • Engineered shapes and patterns-no need to lay out stones before installing
  • Installs with standard tools
  • Installs without heavy scaffolding or staging, thanks to lightweight composition
  • No structural considerations needed to install
  • No weather or temperature-related installation restrictions

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