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Create a distinct, beautiful touch with our interior doors

A great interior door gives a room a distinct touch of architectural character. We want you to find the exact door to fit your style and meet your needs, that’s why McCabe Lumber’s collection of interior doors features an abundance of panel designs and details that coordinate with a myriad of architectural styles. Finding the perfect door to complete a room has never been easier. We have compiled all of the best door manufacturers in one place to save you time.

Enhance a home from the inside out with our selection of doors in molded hardboard, MDF and a wide variety of wood species. Doors are available in traditional 6′-8” as well as 7′-0” and 8′-0” for taller ceiling applications. Building the perfect door for any room has never been easier–just say “open sesame” to unlock the perfect door.

Why Masonite?

Find Your Dream Door

With Masonite

Masonite is your leading source for the latest trend insights and design ideas, providing distinctive door styles that complement any home and personal taste. Our line of Masonite doors focuses not just on one type of door — but EVERY door. For every opening, there is a Masonite solution, and our robust product options give you access to the inspirational designs, finishes, and details that let your style take shape.

  • Backed by years of research, design, engineering, and development
  • Designs inspired by true millwork craftsmanship
  • Improved performance from the highest quality materials and newest technologies
  • Energy efficient & weather resistant

  • Designed and constructed to exacting specifications
  • Engineered for lasting durability and reliable performance
  • Extra security, extra longevity and extra satisfaction
  • Manages and contains sound transmission

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