Unrivaled Strength. Unparalleled Beauty.

Naturally beautiful decking with triple the strength

Ipe wood (pronounced E-pay), which is also known as Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood or Pau lope, is extremely durable and sturdy, with a Janka hardness of 3680. That’s triple the strength of a typical plastic-composite decking, while providing all of the aesthetic benefits of a natural, beautiful wood deck.

Ipe is world renowned for its superior characteristics and properties. Ipe wood decking grain is extremely dense and tight. Ipe wood grain can be both wavy and straight. The color of Ipe heartwood is a rich brown with red and amber hues. Due to the wood’s fine texture and inter locking grain, Ipe offers superior slip resistance. Another benefit of Ipe does not require the usage of preservatives or treatments, and is naturally resistant to a variety of common decking issues, such as decay and rot, insect infestation, and more.

  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Triple the strength of typical plastic-composite decking
  • Beautiful aesthetic benefits of natural wood deck
  • Grain is extremely dense and tight

  • Fine texture and inter-locking grain results in superior slip resistance
  • Does not require usage of preservatives or treatments
  • Naturally resistant to decay, rot, insect infestation and more

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